Monday, 5 December 2011

core creation

ok so i have been spending some time on making the core for my characters head. the core is basically the skull and then on the skull will go removable face and forehead parts.

below is the eye socket

this piece will be the cheeks and jaw section.

you can see below i have attatched the eye socket section to the jaw piece, this is done by using K&S, the eye socket was moulded around a small piece of K&S so it will slot into the bigger piece of K&S inside the jaw section

i have placed some eyes to show how they will sit.

below- you can see how the core will sit inside the head, its looks like it lines up quite nicely for the first try.

i then went out to my workshop/garage and cut down the thicker K&S and sanded down the eye socket to make it a bit smaller and smoother, the jaw and eye socket sections were made using milliput which dries really hard so you can drill or sand as much as you like, even if you have a thin piece its still really strong.

after sanding i filled in the gaps between the eyes and jaw and added a small forehead, this will help kick in the eye socket as its not actually stuck in. 

once i finished the core i started making the removable parts. here i am making the forehead part, its ok if it doesn't look pretty, it can be sanded later and this is only the base plate for the next stage, which will be creating the facial features.

so here are the parts all sculpted, it was incredibly delicate but the best thing to do is add small pieces of milliput at a time and make sure you add a layer of vaseline onto the core so the milliput doesn't stick.

the next stage will be to sculpt on to these parts.

before i start sculpting i want to cast these parts using plastic, i might not be able to do this for some time, maybe after christmas as I'm not sure ill have the funds to buy the materials and also the time to do it.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

New head design

I thought I would do another head which was a bit more cartoony so here it is

Saturday, 12 November 2011

ball and socket

I have done the low low budget of making ball and socket making. The balls and bars i got from a jewellery shop online, you can get the balls and bars for real cheap and many different sizes. 

I bought some stripes from ebay, they are copper clad strips used in model train construction, they are the perfect size and quite strong.

i made a jig to hold the stripes. Place to strips on top of each other and slot them into the jig, i marked on the jig where i want to drill into the stripes so every pair will be the same.

Once the holes were drilled I made some marks on the outside so i know the pieces will only slot together that way, if they are put back together in a different way the alignment may be off 


After drilling the holes i placed the balls and bars into the outer holes and a nut and bolt in the centre and there you go, you have a low budget self manufactured ball and socket joint. 

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

head moquette

Here i have sculpted a neck with a prominent adams apple.

below i have sculpted two different heads, im not 100% about either so i think im going to do some more, maybe make it more cartoony like a caricature.

 i do like the cartoony look of this one but he doesn't look very old?

Monday, 31 October 2011

Sculpting the top half

I have now started sculpting the top half. I have used a different colour plasticine purely to show the different half's and so I know the top half isn't sticking to the bottom.

bellow- the top half is sculpted so it can be removed from the bottom section so there is a hollow part around the spine. the majority of the k&s will insert into the k&s in the bottom half.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sculpting the bottom half

Here i have started sculpting the bottom half of my character. I have just used plasticine, it's a bit tricky, when it gets warm it can get hard to sculpt because it's so soft but it's cheap so it does the job.

I started sculpting the removable feet.

then i started from the middle

theres a gap around the spine so theres room to take the top half out and put it back in.

i put a piece of k&s in to the rig slot so the hole doesnt get covered

start work on the leg

i put a head on that i made ages ago, its not the character from the film.