Monday, 31 October 2011

Sculpting the top half

I have now started sculpting the top half. I have used a different colour plasticine purely to show the different half's and so I know the top half isn't sticking to the bottom.

bellow- the top half is sculpted so it can be removed from the bottom section so there is a hollow part around the spine. the majority of the k&s will insert into the k&s in the bottom half.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sculpting the bottom half

Here i have started sculpting the bottom half of my character. I have just used plasticine, it's a bit tricky, when it gets warm it can get hard to sculpt because it's so soft but it's cheap so it does the job.

I started sculpting the removable feet.

then i started from the middle

theres a gap around the spine so theres room to take the top half out and put it back in.

i put a piece of k&s in to the rig slot so the hole doesnt get covered

start work on the leg

i put a head on that i made ages ago, its not the character from the film.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Connecting the parts.

Ok so this post is short but it was to tricky gluing all the pieces whilst taking pictures. Basically I soldered the k&s together, it helps if you scratch the surface so it sticks easier. I did try to solder the aluminium wire inside the k&s but that didn't work, instead I just used aryldite which has worked fine. I have made armatures using these materials loads of times, it's alot cheaper than buying one. The bit of k&s at the front ( which is actually the back) is for the rig.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

making the armature

Ok so i know i have probably missed a massive portion of the character development regarding profile designs and research, i have them i just have not photographed them yet, i will do soon ( they're not the fun part haha).

First off i started by drawing a rough design of the old man with a armature skeleton and i will use this as a guide. by using the guide i have started cutting the K&S brass square tubing.

Cut the K&S using a vise clamp and a saw, make sure you file the ends.

Next you need to twist softy aluminum wire. The K&S acts like your bone, this part wont bend. The aluminum wire acts as the joint,.
For my armature im using 1.5mm wire which i bend back on its self so i have three strands,

Then lock the wire in the vice,
with a pair of pliers pull really hard as well twisting and that will give you a nice clean twist.

Then cut the wire to size and slip it inside the K&S. At the moment all the parts are loose, i am in the process of sticking them together. Ill post the next part when i have had time to carry on, (the joys of working)

the story

Before i start i must apologize for anything that goes wrong, this is my first ever attempt at a blog.

I came up with the Karma idea when i was at uni, all we had to do for the project was make a short animatic. I started off by creating a simple story about an old guy who gets bothered by a fly. I made a animatic but we had to move on to the next project and the idea got left behind. Now im out of uni i thought it would be a nice idea to progress into an actual short film and get me warmed up and give me an idea of what i can and cannot do in a garage.

So here are some really quick sketches.

 Below is how i want my old man to look.
I know this is short but im going to set up for the next post.