Tuesday, 18 October 2011

making the armature

Ok so i know i have probably missed a massive portion of the character development regarding profile designs and research, i have them i just have not photographed them yet, i will do soon ( they're not the fun part haha).

First off i started by drawing a rough design of the old man with a armature skeleton and i will use this as a guide. by using the guide i have started cutting the K&S brass square tubing.

Cut the K&S using a vise clamp and a saw, make sure you file the ends.

Next you need to twist softy aluminum wire. The K&S acts like your bone, this part wont bend. The aluminum wire acts as the joint,.
For my armature im using 1.5mm wire which i bend back on its self so i have three strands,

Then lock the wire in the vice,
with a pair of pliers pull really hard as well twisting and that will give you a nice clean twist.

Then cut the wire to size and slip it inside the K&S. At the moment all the parts are loose, i am in the process of sticking them together. Ill post the next part when i have had time to carry on, (the joys of working)

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